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To validate your concepts and technologies, we thoroughly examine your approach and procedures. Then, in line with your financial constraints and business goals, we develop the ideal solution.



Architecture assessment

Extensive architecture assessment
Assessment summary presentation
Improvement roadmap

Solution design

Product Scope
UI and UX design
Customer Delivery Approach

poc development

Demo Presentation
Interactive Protocol
Feasibility audit report

MORE Consulting solutions

complex transformation offerings for your business


Expand the capabilities of a current SaaS solution
Convert a popular conventional programme into SaaS software.
Create a SAAS software package from scratch.
Win over new clients by translating your SaaS application


Replace outdated technology that slows down execution
Lower the expense of managing and servicing your IT infrastructure.
Enhance the performance of critical business units.
Minimize potential risks and data leaks.


Implement necessary functionality and upgrades in a timely manner in response to user feedback.
Use version control systems and a flexible, scalable information architecture to ensure scalability.
Shorten time to market by avoiding additional development work and utilising our extensive knowledge of UX patterns.


Make your system agile to meet market expectations by updating legacy code.
Fix tricky defects and problems in your software
Update your software frequently in accordance with industry norms and laws.
Make sure to set up your CI/CD pipelines correctly to ensure timely releases and support your SLAs.

Technology consulting solutions for advanced system upgrades

Cloud and DevOps CONSULTING

Automation of processes through DevOps practices results in faster and more reliable software delivery.
DevOps promotes collaboration between development and operations teams, leading to better alignment and communication.
The ability to quickly experiment and iterate on new ideas and services can lead to increased innovation.

Performance engineering CONSULTING

Performance engineering helps organizations optimize their use of resources, leading to improved utilization and lower costs.
By identifying and addressing potential performance issues, we help to improve the reliability and stability of systems.
Improved system performance leads to a better user experience, with faster response times and less downtime.

UI and UX Design

A well-designed user interface can engage and retain users, leading to increased user loyalty and satisfaction.
Effective UI/UX design can improve the conversion rate of website visitors into customers or users.
A positive user experience can increase user loyalty, leading to increased repeat visits and customer retention.
Analyze industry standards


consulting approach

Want to acquire resources that will enable you to transform your concepts into long-term commercial value and market dominance? Our experts can be of assistance.

case studies of some solutions delivered

Cloud Phone System

cloud phone | sms marketing | sales dialer

A cloud-based phone system or virtual phone system, used for communication.

Cloud-based phone systems allow users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, making it ideal for businesses with remote workers or multiple locations
Easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of a business.
Often come with various advanced features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and auto-attendant, to help businesses improve customer service.
Cloud phone systems are easy to manage and maintain, with many systems offering a user-friendly web interface for configuration and administration.
krispcall dashboard
timetracko dashboard

Workforce Analytics and Productivity Software

real time track | user activity levels

A workforce management system is a software tool that helps organizations plan, schedule, and manage their employees.

The system can be used to accurately track employee hours, including start and end times, breaks, and overtime.
Used to create schedules for employees and manage changes to the schedule in real-time.
Manage and track employee leave requests, including sick leave, vacation, and personal time off
The system can be integrated with payroll systems to ensure that employee hours are accurately reflected in payroll records.

Parental Control Solution

monitor call | monitor sms | monitor location

Parental control software is designed to help parents monitor and control their children’s computer and internet usage.

The software can be used to block access to inappropriate websites, including sites containing adult content, violence, or hate speech.
This can be used to limit the amount of time children spend on the computer, including setting specific hours during which the computer can be used.
Monitor the websites visited, online searches, and social media activity of children.
Can be used to control the applications that children can access, including limiting access to games or other distracting software
fenced dasboard


diwakar_ghimire - timetracko

“Thank you, Codavatar team, for your hard work and dedication in building TimeTracko. The software has significantly impacted my productivity and helped me manage my business more effectively. The powerful features and user-friendly interface have made it a pleasure to use. “

rajendra dangol-krispcall

“Krispcall has made it incredibly easy to separate personal and professional communications, and the virtual phone numbers are clear and reliable. I appreciate the user-friendly interface and fantastic support in building the product. Thank you for Codavatar development and designer team.”


“Codavatar team made such an amazing product This parental control software has been a game-changer for me as a business person and parent. The website filtering and screen time management, have allowed children to be safe online while also allowing them to explore the internet.”

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