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MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product” is the best way to know and discover the potential of your concept at the optimum cost and time. MVP is essentially the initial version of the product that helps you to obtain valuable feedback from users, comprehends their requirements, and avoids making something that users won’t make use of. It is the best way to gather maximum value from the market with minimum effort so that you can make the best decisions regarding the future of your product.
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Here’s our step-by-step MVP development process

01 Step

Discovery and MVP Planning

Using Design Thinking, we help you generate a product idea and finalize the concept of the product. We take a deep dive into the market analysis, customers’ requirements, define your product USPs, design a roadmap for the product development and find possible competitors.

Discovery and MVP planning2
Proof-Of-Concept and rapid prototyping2
02 Step

Proof-Of-Concept and Rapid Prototype Development

This is the phase where we understand the technical feasibility of your product based on your idea and plan decided earlier. We incorporate feedback from clients, users, and potential customers into our interactive and functional prototype. We demonstrate how we leverage the use of cutting-edge technology to develop a prototype of your vision.

Proof-Of-Concept and rapid prototyping2
03 Step

MVP Development Project Planning

MVP Development Project Planning focuses on different aspects like MVP Development Project scope, project deliverables, resource, and budget planning. Our goal at this stage is to deliver the MVP at an affordable price and earlier as possible.

MVP development project planning2
MVP Development2
04 Step

MVP Development

We have a dedicated team of experienced developers, designers, and architects who are experts in MVP Development. We make use of solid, agile, and scalable tech infrastructure to ensure your product comes out with the best user interface, features, and modules. With our customized, MVP Development service, you can achieve your product at an affordable cost, reach the market, and propel your business growth in the right direction.

MVP Development2
05 Step

MVP Launch and Further Iterations

We deliver market-ready MVPs that help you boost your product engineering, and bring in the results you expect. You can select from our flexible options that include technical, operational, maintenance, and on-demand support post the MVP launch. After the launch, you can reap the benefits of in-depth real-world analysis and a user-centric product development approach.

MVP launch and further iterations 2

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Minimum Viable Product and Prototype?
People often get confused about the prototype and MVP. First of all, your prototype is not your MVP! Basically, a prototype is a model of what the product might look like, on the other hand, MVP is a small version of the product that can be used by the customers.
What is the importance of MVP?
The main idea behind developing the MVP is to examine the behavior of the customers regarding the features of the product.
The benefits that MVP are:

  • Saves time and resources and also shows the path of improvement in the future.<
  • Collect the needs and feedback of the targeted audience.
  • Attract potential investors.

What is the key component of an MVP?
The main purpose of developing MVP is to get feedback from the customers which helps to build an improved product in the future. The key elements of an MVP are overall features of the product, a feedback mechanism, and lastly, it must have a scope of further development as per the needs and feedback of the customers.
Should I develop an MVP in-house or outsource it?
If you hire an in-house team you have to pay a salary to the employees. And you are investing in the MVP itself which may cost a lot. So, outsourcing your MVP to the right offshore partner will be a wise decision. You can save enough cost to develop a rich-featured MVP.