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POC Development

Proof of Concept” is a great way to initiate your ideas when you just have a vision or wish list about a product or service. A POC allows you to collect feedback on the potential and feasibility of a product or service. Also, with POC you can allow stakeholders to assess the design choices at an early stage of the development process. The sole vision of POC is to check whether the concept or idea or project has practical potential or not.
our process

Here’s our step-by-step POC development process

01 Step

Define Goals and Objectives

We identify your requirements business goals and objectives based on your requirements, the current environment, and other project parameters. We engage in intensive brainstorming sessions to identify and redefine your business scope at this early stage.

MVP launch and further iterations 2
Planning and evaluation2
02 Step

Planning and Evaluation

We consider all aspects of your project idea and create a comprehensive plan that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. This plan aids us to determine the marketability and feasibility of your concept. After this step, you will be well enough to understand the significance of POC software in project development.

Planning and evaluation2
03 Step

Mockups & Prototype Development

We design a quick mockup to gather feedback from stakeholders, users, and testers in the early stage. We incorporate their feedback into our interactive and functional prototypes, which include design, code, and information architecture specifics.

MOckups and Prototyping2
POC Execution2
04 Step

POC Execution

At this point, we put your vision into action by creating concrete digital versions of your concepts. We initiate the POC development process and keep you informed at all stages of the process. Our workflows are quick, clear, seamless, and trouble-free.

POC Execution2
05 Step

Project Documentation

We gather and document all of our learnings and discoveries in a centralized location that is easily accessible to stakeholders, developers, business consultants, and everyone else involved in the project.


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Frequently asked questions

Why is it necessary to have a Proof of Concept (POC)?
A Proof of Concept, or POC, is a pre-production software prototype that can be implemented in the field and demonstrate its own market viability. It’s a necessary step on the way to having a test run and seeing your product’s potential success readings, which you can then optimize and adapt as needed.
Is it possible to skip the POC stage and go straight to MVP Development?
A comprehensive market study, analysis of the job scope, and efforts to avoid nasty, unforeseen problems should all be done before launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A PoC solution, with its prototyping principles, may be the best way to carry out step-by-step preparations.
What is the next step after POC development?
A fully functional POC prototype should be followed by a minimum viable product (MVP), which will allow you to add more functional features to your prototype. A better MVP is the result of a better POC.
Can I implement a POC single-handedly?
It is much better to go for a well-established specialized company with deep expertise in the matter and loads of experience for POc development.