Visual Design

Visual Design

At Codavatar, we offer a wide range of web and graphic design services– from UI/UX design to high-end animation production. We also provide other visual design services like Wireframes, Mockups, Branding, Logo designs, and many more. Our approach to visual design is to combine the best user experience while achieving your business goals.

Visual design services
that we provide

our step-by-step
Visual design process

01. Collect Information & Research
Before beginning anything, we collect information about our clients requirements and necessities. Market trends, competitors, designs, colours and textures, product or service evaluation are the few things we look into.
02. Brainstorm and Sketch Concepts
Now we pull all our ideas together. Starting by creating symbols or motifs and exploring and testing typefaces by keeping in mind the latest design trends. We make sure to jot all our ideas down.
03. Evolve and Iterate Your Concept
Sometimes the client may want us to mix and match from all concepts we have presented or come up with something entirely. It's part of our job to do design amendments. We communicate with our clients and make the changes.
04. Design Production & Completion
Once the design and development are completed the product is delivered to clients. By following these steps, we confirm the correct flow of our efforts towards a result that both we and our client will appreciate.

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